dr hab. Tomasz Sroka

Doctor of law with "habilitation", employee of the Jagiellonian University.
Lawyer specializing in criminal law
and medical law.
More about me

About me

I am a doctor of law with "habilitation", assistant professor at the Department of Criminal Law and head of the Department of Bioethics and Medical Law of the Jagiellonian University.

I obtained the PhD degree in law on June 18, 2012 on the basis of a doctoral dissertation entitled "Criminal liability for improper treatment in the light of file research", prepared under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Wróbel. I obtained the "habilitation" degree in law on June 20, 2022 on the basis of a book entiteled "Preventive deprivation of liberty".

In 2010, I completed my judicial training and passed the judge's exam. In the same year, I completed postgraduate studies in "Copyright, publishing and press law" at the Jagiellonian University. In 2016-2021, I conducted a research project entitled Preventive deprivation of liberty and human rights funded by the Polish National Science Center.

ORCID number: 0000-0002-5724-9531


  • Sometimes the system is to blame, not the doctor

  • European Health Union

  • "Entrapment" just in case